How it works

The Springspotter Network consists of: thousands of business-savvy individuals from all over the world, who email us whenever they 'spot' a promising new business idea. Accepted contributions get rewarded with cool gifts, and may appear on Springwise.

Who should join our Springspotters network?

Business savvy people, fast-moving urbanites, slow-moving thinkers, frequent flyers: individuals who recognize a new business idea or initiative when they come across one, at home or abroad, Whether it's a new kind of male grooming lounge in Dubai or a new affordable book publishing service for aspiring writers in Canada.

What will we ask from you if you join Springspotters?

Just to email us whenever you come across a cool new business idea. There are no strings attached. To get a feel for what it is we're looking for, just scan through our archive of ideas, as featured on Springwise.

What exactly should I spot?

Please be on the lookout for new business initiatives around you! Just go to whenever you come across a cool new business idea. Mind you: we're not asking you to dream up future business ideas, we are mainly interested in existing 'business to consumer' ideas and concepts, ideas and ventures that are already up and running in a particular city or country, but haven't expanded to the rest of the world yet.

Equally important, the Springspotters team already scans every major international business publication in-house (from the Guardian to Business 2.0), so there's no need clipping internationally distributed articles: we're much more interested in local ideas that haven't been picked up by 'Big Media'.

For example, if you live in Seoul, please scan local papers (business sections!), blogs and business magazines: that's where you can deliver tremendous added value. To get a good feel for what we're looking for, from Sweden to Thailand to Australia, just check out some of the ideas other Springspotters and our team have spotted in the past »

Who should I send my ideas to?

All ideas and observations can be submitted at Make sure you're signed up: members have access to a history of their spottings; both accepted and denied ones, and an overview of their point balance.

What's in it for me?

You spot, we reward! We will keep track of all your submissions, crediting your account whenever appropriate, so you will start collecting points immediately.

We apply the following gifts and reward structure:

• We normally reward accepted contributions with 10 points (1 point = 1 US$ or the equivalent of 1 US$ other major currencies) per submitted and accepted idea. 20 points are awarded for contributions with original photography attached.

At all times will you will have access to your history of spottings; both accepted and denied ones, as well as an overview of your point balance. Points can be redeemed for one of the gifts in our gift gallery.

Claim to fame
Besides the gifts, there's the benefit of showing off your business smarts to the rest of the world: you can opt for your name to be included if we decide to feature one of your spottings on Springwise.